Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yee Haw! Utah State Fair

We had a really fun family day at the Utah State Fair. We ate tons of greasy food, touched lots of dirty animals, and decided it would be really cool to have a pet bunny (at least that what SheRoos thinks). It really was a perfect day.

The kids were so interested in the animals. We think Mr. Boy may be an "Animal Whisperer." ;) When he stood near a cage, the animals would walk right up to him and they would share a moment. It was adorable. ZoZo on the other hand wasn't a whisperer. She was the "Animal Yeller." She was so excited to see the animals that she would yell at them to come closer. Sometimes they would make noises back or completely ignore her. It was hilarious to watch her and a lamb yelling back and forth at each other. They were definitely communicating.

Little Hands on the Farm was awesome! The kids got to be farmers/ranchers. They planted seeds, harvested the fruits & vegetables, milked a cow, groomed a sheep, sold their goods for money at the market and then got to buy a real apple with their play money at the end. It was brilliant. It is something we will look forward to every year at the Fair.

What is a trip to the Fair without a pony ride?