Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sweatin' for Sarah 80's Style

This morning we went to Salt Lake City to support our friend, Sarah Hays-Shurtz. She has been fighting with everything she has to get rid of cancer. She has an amazing ability to look for the positive.

It was a fun-filled day with great friends, beautiful weather, and 80's attire.

Our kids had a very rough morning and did not want to cooperate & stay in their stroller for the 5K. We definitely weren't there to compete but we came in pretty close to last place. Of course this has nothing to do with "us" being preggo and out of shape (for real, there were people much slower and in worse condition than us).

Me and Melissa G.

Luuuunge, stretch...
HeRoos (don't look too close- you may see more than you want to) hehee, Katie J., Lori P., Me, Corrine R.

At the finish line each person was given a purple balloon to hold.

When Sarah arrived on the motorcycle we released the balloons into the heavens.

Hooray for Sarah!

Katie J., & Sarah