Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Six Pack Family Night

Do you ever wish that you could record parts of your life to play over and over if you're having a bad day? Last night was one of those nights. We've been trying to do a better job at having "Family Night" on Mondays with prayers, songs, and a lesson about Jesus and His teachings. It was HeRoos' turn to give the lesson. After flipping through the Children's Hymn book for what seemed like hours, he settled on a song. The minute we started singing, the ab work out began. We couldn't contain our laughter- our singing was off tune and HORRIBLE. That didn't stop us. We started over and over again. HeRoos had the nerve to tell me that I was off key & that he knew because he sings this song with his primary class every Sunday. Excuuuuse me. We laughed and sang, sang and laughed until our stomachs ached. In our closing prayer, we asked for help improving our singing. Watch out *MOTAB, you may have some Roos' joining you!

*Mormon Tabernacle Choir


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed you made the effort. Sounds like you had a fun time. "The family that laughs (and tries to sing to gether" stays together. xxoo G.G.

Kristanne said...

Now he can get a treat from the prize pack for having sung a primary song during the week!!! Our family usually sings I am a child of God each week, as it is Jace's favorite and about the only one he knows all the words to. I wonder if God ever wishes we weren't as we sing it;> As your kids get older , those times will really become important to them.