Monday, April 19, 2010

Lava Hot Springs, ID

HeRoos and I went to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho to celebrate our wedding anniversary. My parents watched the kids at our house and the munchkins were on their very best behavior which made it easier to enjoy our weekend without worrying if my parents were pulling their hair out.

It was an absolutely relaxing, wonderful weekend. I got a great massage at our hotel, Riverside Inn . I tried talking HeRoos into getting one too but he had no interest in it (he has no idea what he is missing). Our hotel was within walking distance of the main hot spring pool so we got a day pass and went there a couple times. We were some of the last to leave that night. It's so fun soaking when the sun is down and you can see the steam coming off the water.

I had one of the BEST meals of my life in the restaurant hotel. The wait took forever but the food was definitely worth it. I had crab legs & fillet min on. It was so tasty. I'm salivating just thinking about it.

The massage and soak in the hot pots was erased with an extremely hard mattress. Neither of us slept well and we woke up with knots in our backs. I overheard another guest commenting about how great her bed was. I couldn't believe it! There must be very different mattresses in each room.

We enjoyed nine holes of golf and even though we didn't keep score, we felt like we did ok.

We went to the cemetery and located my grandpa Lavell's grave. He married my dad's mom after both of their spouses had passed away. He was such a neat man and I always felt so loved by him.

I'm so glad HeRoos and I were able to spend some time alone together. I love his stinkin' guts! And a BIG BIG thanks to GG and Pops for watching the kiddos so we could enjoy some much needed R&R time.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you had a good time. It's important for couples to get away together .Your kids were adorable and we enjoyed them very very much!I have alot of respect for mothers with small children. To be honest with you I've caught upon my sleep after my wild and busy weekend with your sweeties. I couldn't have doneit without Pops. He was avery valuable team member.

Megan said...

Sounds like a fun anniversary trip!!

Greg and Torrey said...

you guys look naked in the pool pics... talk about celebrating your anniversary! dang, two make a beautiful couple... and have such adorable lil' children. love u, boo.

Kristanne said...

How nice. It is such a treat to get away. As for the massages, just think of it this way, if he doesn't want them, you can get double the amount. Shawn feels the same way, and I can't believe it. I have a lot of relatives in Lave and Soda and Downey. Sometime we will have to talk.

Jenny said...

How fun!! I want a get away!! Can your parents fly down to AZ to watch my kids for the weekend??!! Just kidding but seriously how awsome of them to do your kids so you could go!!!

Lisa & Aukuso said...

I don't know if those are new jeans, but they look great on you who is the one who looks great! maybe you found your perfect jeans after all? Congrats on being able to get away and enjoy being a couple again.