Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nice Plaid

I couldn't help myself. This opportunity was priceless. MB enjoying every second of making cookies with his Dad and me enjoying every second of HeRoos' sexy outfit.

p.s. don't worry, I would never allow him to leave the house like that. :)

Shhh, he doesn't know I took this picture of more plaid.


Anonymous said...

What a sharp dresser! Plaids match they are in the same pattern family.And orange and blue compliment each other they are opposite on the color wheel.I'll bet you're glad to have him at home considering how much time he's been spending working lately.(Dressed or undressed!)
xxoo G>G.

Grandma Beaner said...

What a darling post. Such a wonderful slice of life from the Roos household. Hey, tell MB I love onions too. He's just starting his love affair with them a bit early, but then that's what child prodigies do. Kisses to everyone!