Friday, January 8, 2010

Natural Consequence

This is what happens when little boys and not so little girls don't listen.

I LOVE our fireplace. HeRoos has been opposed to using it because he was afraid Mr. Boy would get burned. I've been warning Mr. Boy before he could even crawl that the fireplace is DANGER. I thought he would never touch it even when it was off because of how forceful we've been about this warning. Obviously, I was wrong.

If you've ever had a burn, you know the throbbing sensation MB experienced. I felt so bad for him. He kept his hand in a cup of water all night and we let him have whatever he wanted. He watched way too much TV, ate whatever he wanted, stayed up past his bedtime, and even slept in our bed. He fell asleep on HeRoos' chest with his hand in a cup of water. He's doing much better & is very careful to not use his hand.

This weekend we're headed to Lowe's to get a fireplace guard.


Jamie said...

Oh no! Poor little guy.

Mike and Gin said...

Ouch! Boys will be curious boys. I think he may have learned a little lesson to listen to Mommy.

Jodi said...

Oh! I really feel for him~! Once bacon grease got splashed down by entire forearm! I ended up at the ER with a 3rd degree burn - amazingly you can't even tell where it was burned now. Hands down that was the worst pain I've ever had even including child birth! Hope it heals quickly!!

Megan said...

ouch! I'm so sorry that happened!

Grandma Beaner said...

I'm SOOOOOOO sorry cute little Mr. Boy about your burned hand. I hope it gets better super dooper fast.
We love you. You're so tough and brave.

Life's Great Adventures said...

Poor kiddo, that looks like it hurts. Kids sure like to be curious I am figuring that out more & more everyday. The crazy thing is that things happen so fast, we have had a few incidents already with Adilyn. Kisses from us!