Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Work

Besides doing a lot of this fun stuff...

We've also been doing a lot of this...

It seems that there is always some project to be done. HeRoos has been exerting his manly skills to repair the basement from water damage (drywall, paint, carpet). He has also been mowing the sky high grass, repairing sprinklers, and helping me lift and move things in addition to "bringing home the bacon."

Besides getting extremely large and uncomfortable from cooking a baby in the mama oven, I have been developing my homemaking skills (with much help from my mother). We've sewn curtains for the baby girl's room and other fun stuff.

My parents delivered my bedroom set from when I was a little girl. I got so much use out of it and it has been back & forth from Utah and Texas. It was looking outdated so I posted it on KSL. As I started receiving phone calls about it, I realized I was a lot more attached than I thought so I quickly removed the ad and decided to keep it.

We (my mom, HeRoos, & I) took turns painting the thing and it still has a lot to be desired but there is some improvement & now our baby girl can enjoy something of her mothers. Have I ever told you I hate painting?!!

Stay tuned for pictures when all the projects are completed.


Alicia said...

I had that same bedroom set, and my mom just sold it how How funny is that!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great to marry a man that is not only handsome, but hard-working and talented and helpful in so many wonderful ways!! And you Sheroos are very capable and creative. How is it playing house for real?? xxoo G.R.