Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hogle Zoo

It was a perfect day at the zoo. The weather was amazing. It was "Mom & Me" day at the zoo so we got t-shirts, ice cream & zoo admission all for less than the regular price of admission. Score! Who doesn't love a free t-shirt?!

I love how MB is snuggled into my head in this picture. He was on his best behavior.

Rick's sister and her two kids were able to meet us for a fun day.

"M" is so cute with MB. She loves to carry him around and give him hugs.

Notice how MB is STANDING in his stroller. This his preferred way of travel. His daddy let him do this when they had a boys night out at the mall and now he refuses to get strapped in.

The bear gave us an up close lesson on personal grooming. Gross!

We rode the train and played in the park before leaving. I can't wait to go again!


The One said...

How did you get him to leave his hat on? I see that hat in more than one shot which means it was on for more than seven seconds. What is your secret? We can't seem to wear hats here.

HeRoosSheRoos said...

Heather, he does not like his hat on. In fact, we had to back track to find it twice. Luckily people left it on the trail.

nymanzanita said...

What a fun day! Your family is just TOO cute. I wish I could get some of those hugs from little M. What a happy little guy.

Mike and Gin said...

Too Cute! You look great. I love Hogle zoo, fun times.

Jenny said...

Your family is so cute! I love going to the zoo it's so relaxing and the kids always love it, only we can't go here in AZ between June and September way too HOT! Anyways Bryant got a new calling he's the 1st counselor in our stake presidency, pretty crazy. So our lives just got a little bit busier again. Love ya

Megan said...

Looks like fun! We went to the zoo this week too. Sandy loved it!