Monday, April 13, 2009

Random Update

There are two good reasons for being behind on the blog:

1) Misplaced Camera
2) Wonderful spring weather

MB is doing great. He recovered from whatever it was that was wrong and is keeping us busy. I love it when he's happy. We have been taking advantage of the sunshine and enjoying our time at parks and our yard. I've even been able to pull some weeds.

I'm looking very pregnant and feeling not so cute with a big midsection. I can't complain-this pregnancy has been great. If I knew all my pregnancies would be like this, maybe HeRoos would get the 20 kids he wants. ;)

We had a wonderful Easter weekend and I didn't want it to end. It was the annual Roos Easter egg hunt. MB played in the sandbox while HeRoos and I retrieved all 36 green eggs (actually only 35- we couldn't find one). I love their family tradition.

HeRoos and I enjoyed a long awaited date night on Saturday while Grandma T babysat Max. We went to the Jazz game and had first class treatment. We had a prime rib dinner/buffet and seats three rows up from the court. Too bad Golden State creamed the Jazz but it was still a blast. Isn't the Jazz Bear the coolest mascot ever? He gets away with just about anything.

Today is HeRoos' and my 2 year anniversary. Wow, time flies! Who says you can't make two babies in two years, recover from a serious accident, have a major career change(from working to a stay at home mom), move to a new home and still be in love? I wouldn't trade my life (even if it included a personal chef, housekeeper, and gardener). On second thought, can I have that too? JK

Life is good and I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband & family. Happy Anniversary HeRoos, you rock my world!


Karolee said...

Happy anniversary! I didn't realize it was only 2 years. That's great! Love the egg color tradition too, I may have to steal the idea... ;)

Jenny said...

Two years! That was so fun coming to your wedding I loved how happy you both were, such a cute couple! Happy Anniversary!

Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary.

k8 said...

congratulations!!!! i can't believe how fast two years flies and how much life changes! woot!

porterpies said...

Glad the big boy is feeling better. Has it really been 2 years? Wow! Time really does fly. Congrats! Hopefully you find your camera, cuz I want to see some pics of your belly. You were darling last time around. Lucky girl!

The Leo said...

Two whole years, and many more ahead!! Happy Anniversary to you both (and I'm with HeRoos, keep makin' cute babies!).