Sunday, April 19, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

HeRoos and I finally used a gift card that was given to us for a wedding gift to the Anniversary Inn. Thanks Mounu & Heather!

My parents babysat MB and he also had a fabulous weekend. He loves his crazy Grandma Reta and his Grandpa Bob and will choose them over his own parents when in the same room. As you can tell, they put him to work- yard work & getting whatever he wanted!

They said he acted a little surprised Saturday morning when they got him out of his crib. He was in his own home but his grandparents were in mommy and daddy's bed. This was the first time we were away from MB over night and it was comforting knowing that he was being well taken care of. Thank you Ma & Pa! We really appreciate it!

Our first stop was to Gossner Food We bought some squeaky cheese and little box cartons of whole milk for MB that don't need to be refrigerated (how great is that for the diaper bag). Squeaky cheese reminds me of my Grandma Halverson. She used to keep squeaky cheese and Pepperidge Farm cookies around for us.

The Anniversary Inn was adorable and our room was very spacious. HeRoos gave me a history lesson about our room, Nefertiti's Court. I either missed the history class or was day dreaming.

Our palates were deeply satisfied after a DELICIOUS dinner at Tandoori Oven. We decided to walk around the Logan LDS Temple to burn off a few calories.

We enjoyed breakfast in bed. It's a treat when you know you're not the one that has to wash the crumbs out of the bed.

Then we were off to a perfect day of hiking. The weather was just right. Slow and steady got us to the top. We climbed 900 feet in 1.3 miles. It was quite steep but it felt good to breathe in fresh air and get a little sunshine. We discussed the possibilities of me giving birth on the mountain and I decided the little girl would receive the name Logan. :) Fortunately, that didn't happen although I'm liking that name for a girl.

A bright light appeared and we were almost abducted by aliens.

We enjoyed some more squeaky cheese and crackers while hanging out in the wind cave.

It was so fun spending time with HeRoos. Surprisingly, the majority of our conversations weren't even about MB. Being with HeRoos just confirms to me that prayers are answered and it's all about timing-the right person will come along at the right time if you're making the right choices in life. Right? Right. :)


Kristanne said...

It is wonderful when you find the one you really connect with. Wether talking about kids, each other, life or even not talking at all... if is just comfortable. Just this morning before Shawn took off he was talking about the part in the constitution that deals with state rights.... and I though "who would ever think to talk about that with me?" But I really found it interesting. The anniversary inn is nice, if OVERPRICED!! His mom gave us a certificate and we went over our anniversary too. I love Logan for a girl - of course my girl is named Makae.

The Andersen Family said...

How fun. I would love a little alone time with the hubs..hmmm.
Logan is SUPER cute for a girl!

The One said...

Finally! Geez guys. At least it didn't expire. Glad you had fun!

Megan said...

Sounds like a great time!! Happy Anniversary!

Dan and Annette Swainston Family said...

So glad you got away together. Remember to do that often! Cute family!

Joni said...

Right, right and right! (reminds me of our talk in the car about 4 years ago)

nea said...

Hi guys! I just read your blog for the first time (i'm a bit of a slacker when it comes to blogging!). anyway, i love your family photo on the front of your blog (he roos, she roos ...) it's really cute! Congrats on the baby girl!!! that's really exciting! it sounds like you are getting everything ready and are excited! keep in touch!