Saturday, February 7, 2009


Our Mr. Serious Boy got his first professional hair cut. He sat still and as you can tell thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience (his face doesn't show it but he really did).

Look how handsome! The stylist was able to redeem my very bad haircut.

Do they look a little similar?

He even got a certificate & toy for good behavior.

I highly recommend this place, Snipits. It's located in Layton, Utah by Cafe Rio. We were able to use a coupon for $9.99.


The Andersen Family said...

Cute! Our kids love cookie cutters. It's darling and we usually pay $9.99 also (with coupon). He is MUCH cuter than little ol' Charlie Brown!

Kristanne said...

He is cuter than Charlie Brown. It is nice they have salons for kids, because when my oldest way little, haircuts were a major war. Not until we found a cute little place that made him forget his hair was being cut did it get better. BM is so cute. He was even cute with your haircut, which I must say if you combed it the right way you couldn't even tell.

nymanzanita said...

Oh ....I love the first picture of him getting his hair cut! It is classic! I really dont think that there is a cuter boy in the world! Shh...dont let my nephews know that I said that. :)

Anonymous said...

What a handsome "Sugar Baby"! I'm glad it was a positive experience. (Although you couldn't quite tell by the expression on his face.) Let me pre-warn you that he will probably cut his own hair when you really don't want him to. HIDE THE SCISSORS!! i REMEMBER WHEN YOU WERE LITTLE AND CUT YOUR BANGS TO THE SCALP. (nOT ATTRACTIVE!) XXOO G.R.

Melanie said...

I remember the days of professional haicuts for my boys, and draging them to these cutsie little kid places, they loved it.....however, with four kids reality has set in, unless it $5.99 or less at fantastic sams it's a haircut from home!