Thursday, February 5, 2009

Toy Repair Night

Two of my dear friends gave us this bouncer for a baby shower. When BM was a newborn, this was a great way to comfort our fussy baby. Now that he's older, he still loves to stand & play with it.

There was one BIG problem with it. The frog on it would get stuck and make LOUD annoying sounds. It drove me crazy! Ten months later, we finally took it apart and fixed it. We tolerated the noise for way toooooo long.

We gave this toy to BM for Christmas. I was unaware of how agitated I get with some noises. The man's voice on this is one of them. I was actually quite relieved that it stopped working because I knew Costco would let us return it. Then we decided that we should replace the batteries just to make sure. Darn it! The thing works again & BM is one happy guy.

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Kristanne said...

My sisters used to give my kids annoying toys that drove me nuts until I started giving them ones just like it back. Then they wised up. When my kids were really little, I would just tell them it was broke, when the batteries were dead. Not wanting to waste it, but not wanting it - I usually donated it to the DI. Since the kids were so young they usually found something else they liked. Glad you can tolerate it. I am sure BM is having a blast with it.