Saturday, October 18, 2008


There are a million things on our "To Do" list. Since it's Saturday and I can take advantage of HeRoos' man strength, I asked him to move something. He looked up at me and said, "You're not going to boss me around all day are you?" I laughed and responded with a, "Yes." I'm in the zone and this is what needs to be done... We need to clean out the garage so our cars can fit. There is NO excuse this time-we have an extra garage to store junk in.

Get rid of that scary gold hardware. We are sanding and painting them silver. I'm still not sure what I think. We want to change the paint ALL over the house. It is BOLD and scary (and I prefer neutral colors). Yes, I know I'm boring.

The stairs HeRoos and BM fell down. Any suggestions for what we should do with the cut out in the wall and where to hang pictures? I actually don't mind this wall.
Put together work out equipment-this room is in the basement.
Why does the really great bathroom have to be downstairs? Maybe, I can workout and then shower in here and pretend I'm at a fitness club.
Paint the guest room so when you visit, you won't dream of butterflies.
I'm fine with the kitchen. I love this little cubby in the kitchen.
Eventually we need to sand and reseal the hardwood floors and paint our kitchen table (it's looking pretty bad after HeRoos used it as a work table when he was tiling).
BM's room. I love the mural on the wall.
We have a lot of yard work ahead of us but that's the part I'm looking forward to in the Spring.
We love the privacy of our backyard. There is a canal separating us from that house in the distance. Although, they could probably see us if we decided to streak through the house at night with the lights on.

We've ordered couches for this room (which is a story all on it's own-I love being right). Any suggestions on paint color or decorations?

Our BIG project today is to take down the blinds from all over the house and scrub them clean. They are disgusting. I also want to plant bulbs. Tulips, daffodils, and crocus are some of my favorite flowers. We also need to start taping and painting. Almost every room in the house needs a fresh coat of paint.

This may surprise you- I don't like home projects. I despise painting and sanding sends chills up my spine. I love being in a home that is spic and span and ready to be lived in. So why did we buy a home that needs some work? Well, we LOVE the area. It's wonderful being surrounded by mountains. So far, the people in the community have been everything we've been praying for, and the house has a lot of potential. We can really see ourselves raising our family here. Even with all the work ahead of us, I am one happy and grateful lady right now.


Brittany said...

It looks GREAT!!!!!! I love It!!!! I am so excited for you guys!!! i can't wait to see it in person and stay in the guest bedroom(Butterflies or no butterflies). Hehe Jess is good with decorating so if you need help just call us! WE will be happy to come with ya!

The One In Charge said...

Everything looks wonderful, hope your Saturday was productive. As for the bulbs, that yard is pretty established, don't you think they planted bulbs already? Or do you prefer to be better off safe than sorry and possibly double plant them anyway? It will be fun to see this spring what actually comes up!

nymanzanita said...

Wow! I love the house! It looks very nice and I am excited to hear about all of the wonderful times that you and your family will have there in the year to come....It looks like a perfect Roos Family home!

Mike and Gin said...

So Cute! What a nice house! I was just about to move your blog I don't check everyday and then BAM two new posts! Guess I will keep on checkin! Miss ya and so glad to see you happy!

Jamie said...

What a gorgeous place! It looks like the perfect home for the Roos family!

Grandma Beaner said...

Oh, it looks wonderful. Relax and take your time. All the things you do to it will truly make it yours. Good luck with everything. Squeeze BM for me.

Anonymous said...

I love your house.(Except for the dang stairs!!)Who needs a stair stepper for excercise equipment when you have them . You will all have firm butts and calves.What if I have to have a knee or hip replacement will you install an elevator for me when I come to visit??(I hope that never happens to me in my old age.) I am so excited to help you paint and decorate. It will look great with your own personal style.You have excellent taste. I'm armed and ready with a paint brush, fabric and a sewing machine. Wishing you guys many years of happiness in your new home. I am so happy you are closer to us. Love, G>R.

Beck said...

first of all, love your house. second, i always check this site for tips on decorating...

but be warned, she can be addicting AND expensive!

fun reading about your sweet family!

The Idahoans said...

I love your new house! House remodeling can be overwhelming so so satisfying when completed- so enjoy it! I am sure you guys already experienced some of that with your last house. I love the niche by the stairs it gives the wall character. If the shelve is big enough I think a pot with twigs in it would be cute, or you could have that be your "family" wall and put your cute family pictures there and then some letters or something that spell out family in the niche. You could put vinyl lettering on that wall and it would be adorable- sorry here I go! I hate unpacking "important stuff" I always want to just start decorating- its annoying to Spencer- I think. With us building the house- all I seem to be mostly concerned with is that I will have this wall, or this shelve to decorate on- and Spencer thinks about the neccesities- so it can be interesting at times. Existing homes and brand new homes both have their challenges- I am sure you will do it adorable!!!

The One said...

I love the house and that great yard. I want to come over and play. Is the mantle peach in the living room? Or is that just the orange paint around it reflecting? I think you should paint, in very pretty caligraphy, the words "Hold on to the railing Rick" down the stairs or in that alcove (I know, that was mean-couldn't stop myself-I'll tell you how Hayden got the staples in his head this last Saturday sometime). We want to come for a visit when you guys are all settled and ready for my two crazy boys to come hang out. Miss you already

porterpies said...

Poor Rick has alot of things on his Honey Do list. But I really like the house! It looks like you have alot of room. So nice!