Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Man is a Thinker

Last night as we were getting ready for bed, I could tell HeRoos was in deep thought. I asked the annoying question that I know men dread, "What are you thinking about?" Well this time he actually had a response. It went something like this, "The difference between physics and calculus. And how energy is never created or destroyed. It just changes form..." That's when he started losing me and from that point on I was only pretending to listen. It reminded me of being in college again and tuning out my biology professor. How do so many men know how to speak the foreign language that I call Science?


The one in charge said...

I think all wives/mothers have a moment like this. Remember my "Galileo and an apple" blog from a couple of years ago? Why is it men can take time to ponder the heavens while I can barely take a break to remember the last time I fed the baby?!

Rookie Dad said...

I think HeRoos has finally found the perfect response to the "what are you thinking about" question.