Monday, June 9, 2008

Cravings for Walnut & Peanut

To say I love my nephews doesn't do justice. I love them so much that I would give them my right arm if they needed it. I only have one sibling and when he and his wife had my oldest nephew (Peanut) four years ago, my world got a little brighter. A couple years later came "Walnut" and life got even better. Those two boys won my heart over. I couldn't get enough and would make the drive once a week to steal kisses. All of my energy & attention was funnelled into these two boys.

When HeRoos and I started dating, he too fell in love with them. In fact, Walnut (the two year old) asked for Uncle HeRoos when wasn't feeling well and often pretends to talk to him on the phone.

When the twins (Peanut & Walnut's siblings) were born a year ago, I was so out of it trying to recover from some injuries. I was unable to offer much help. Then I became a mom myself and life just keeps getting a little crazier but I still get "Peanut" and "Walnut" cravings. They came to visit for a few days and we had a blast!

The boys loved playing at the park but they had no fear and it made me a little nervous when they climbed so high. Peanut made new friends and even met a little girl that he thought was cute. He gave her and her friend some dandelions. What a charmer!

They "flew" around in a turbo jet

We weren't necessarily invited to this party but the people were nice enough to let us play with them.

They helped make breakfast. We even attempted making heart pancakes.

We had a project-a-thon...sand art, aliens out of an egg carton, cutting, pasting, coloring, stamping. You name it, we did it.

Peanut helped make delicious cookies. When he was almost done he said, "My special job is hard. I'm tired."

They went to bed willingly each night. After bath time, story time and prayers, they got glow sticks as incentive to stay in the dark bedroom. It worked great.

BM loved having his cousins over. The boys were great at getting him to smile.

We look forward to the next sleepover but this aunt needs some rest!


The one in charge said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your brother and I both loved the mini vacation, amazing what you can get away with when you only have babies in the house! Don't worry I won't go into detail. Just suffice it to say we had a wonderful time and so did my boys!

Grandma Beaner said...

Wonderful photos. You captured some tender memories. The boys are special, but most of all they have a super special aunt. What a sweet, generous soul you are.

Bro Jeramie said...

The boys had a wonderful time! They definitely love you, HeRoos, and BM and I know they enjoyed every minute they spent with you and your family. Thanks for letting me and TOIN have our mini vacation! ;)