Saturday, May 3, 2008

Smarter Than a Chair

HeRoos and I were so excited to receive a call from Babies R Us notifying us that our glider arrived. We picked it up Friday night and HeRoos put it together. He sat on the soft, cushy chair and was disappointed to find out that it didn't recline. We got the wrong one (or so he thought)! It was late, Max and I were ready for bed so we didn't even sit down on the new purchase.

This morning, HeRoos disassembled the chair, loaded it back in the car and headed to Babies R Us ready to demand a new glider that reclined. Being the smart man that he is, he decided to go into the store and inspect the floor model to make sure we pointed to the right chair when we ordered it. As he was sitting on the floor model, he discovered a knob on the side and realized that our glider is the exact same and does in fact recline.

Embarrassed (yet relieved that he hadn't talked to a salesperson yet) he left the store and headed back home to once again unload the glider and put it together. Let's hope we're smarter than the ottoman (when it arrives) because the chair almost had HeRoos beat.

HeRoos and BM gliding and watching the Jazz game.


Tristie and Dax said...

so great! bless the internet for keeping us all connected and allowing us to enjoy life's funnies together!

The One said...

Jennie, do you like having the chair? I have a feeling Rick might still have hard feelings about it, so I won't ask his opinion.

Clinton Painter said...

We have all been there. May not be the same chair, but we have all been there.