Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The past week has involved a lot of shopping. I'm not much of a shopper. In fact, I dislike shopping unless I'm in just the right mood. That mood doesn't occur often. Don't get me wrong, I like nice things but I don't like fighting crowds, driving in traffic, and spending money. "Things" seem so expensive. I don't know if they really are or if I am just frugal.

BM is getting blessed in church this Sunday and I want him to have something special to wear. I realize that he would be perfectly happy in his pajamas and other people probably won't think twice about his outfit but it matters to me.

I went to an adorable Baby Boutique in Sugar House with a friend and found a great outfit. Knowing that it would be an extravagant purchase, I sent a text to HeRoos. As I explained to my friend, I wasn't looking for HeRoos' approval but his support. When I got the text back, I laughed because HeRoos and I think too much alike when it comes to spending money.

HeRoos: 'How many times is he (BM) going to wear it?'
Me: 'Not enough but it's really cute'
HeRoos: 'Just make sure it's not puffy and shiny like a girl's dress.'

I justified the purchase because it's such a special occasion and we can keep it as an heirloom. Now that he had an outfit, he needed shoes and socks. The hunt was on. I went to store after store looking for a tiny pair of white boy shoes. There were plenty of adorable white shoes for girls but not for boys. Keep in mind how much I dislike shopping and I had to tote around a baby. Fortunately BM was on his best behavior all day. After going to FIVE stores, I headed home and called my mom and asked her to keep her eyes open for some shoes if she was out and about.

When I arrived home exhausted, HeRoos asked if I remembered to buy him a white dress shirt. Oops. After BM had a nap, I grumpily got in the car and drove to the mall so I wouldn't miss the sale on men's shirts. While I was there, I went into store after store asking for white baby shoes. FINALLY, I found a cute pair and they were only $5. As I was driving home, my mom called and said that she also found some shoes. Next time, I'm putting her in charge of the shopping.

I just laughed at myself because of a "heirloom" realization. A few months ago I was tired of my wedding dress taking up so much space in the closet so I sold it back for not even a fraction of the price we paid for it. I hope my kids don't put too much emphasis on heirlooms or they'll be very disappointed.


Nathalia said...

Too have done apparel shopping at Western Wear at Sheplers last weekend, so happy with my purchases.

monica said...

I'm sure BM will be the best dressed baby getting blessed that day! :) Just make sure HeRoos does the obligatory baby raise at the end of the blessing. That's the chance for everyone to see his great outfit!

Destiny said...

I don't have my wedding dress either I figure pictures are great and take up less space. Shopping is a pain when you have to find a specific thing! I am glad you found what you needed.