Friday, May 2, 2008

Mother Nature

I thought spring was supposed to be here to stay but it has been snowing! I heard a loud noise at the park yesterday morning and thought someone wanted to give their snow blower one last shot before storing it away. :) I was wrong. Workers were MOWING the snow covered grass and using a weed wacker!

A day later and the spring weather is back! I'm beginning to understand why Nature is referred to in the female gender- "she" is quick to change her mind and mood.

Today Baby Max, who I am going to start referring to as BM (for more than one reason), and I headed to Gardner Village. It is such a charming place. The ducks came up to meet us and they looked like they could squish BM they were so big! It was tempting to put him on one for a ride. There is something that I absolutely love about ducks. I could watch them all day.

Disappointing 99 cent chocolates. They looked so good so I bought a white coconut ball and a chocolate one. Gross! I forced one down and couldn't justify the calories on the other.


JS said...

I'm pretty sure you "chocolate" wasn't chocolate at all but a Brazilian Brigadeiro. It's kind of their version of Chocolate Chip Cookies - something every parent makes for their kids and kids grow up knowing how to make. So sweet it makes your teeth hurt.

I can't believe how much Max is growing and how cute he is. I'll be in town soon, we've got to get together for lunch to catch up.

Brittany said...

So Cute!!! They do look like they could squish him!!! Loved Seeing you this weekend and can't wait to see you in 4 weeks!

Gin & Mike said...

Awww.. Fun times. I hate that when you think that something is going to be really good and then EWWWW!!! Why did I buy this! I know we have talked about that before.

Miss ya!

The One said...

Here is the fundamental difference between us-I would have eaten the entire chocolate before I knew I didn't like it. And yes, I would have eaten another. There is no reasoning for this. Ducks are nice, but how do you feel about geese? They scare the tar out of me.

The Spackmans said...

I am glad you and BM were able to get out how fun for you. It was great to see you this weekend! I know what you mean about the weather it is crazy I think that is why I got this great cold! There was all these geese that would hang out by Novell (where I used to work in Provo) and they would scare me, so I would put my purse in front of me and walk really fast. People would feed them so they would really come up to you and one day I was with my boss and I got scared and started screaming and using my purse as defense, my boss never let me forget that day. It was kinda funny but embarrasing.

Anonymous said...

Cute pics. I remember when you were little we always had fun looking at the ducks. Did Mini Max like them?? I can hardly wait till Mini Max and I can go duck watching. (Not to be confused with bird watching!!!) As far as chocolates go and other things you do appreciate quality. Love, G.R.