Thursday, April 17, 2008


Max has a new nickname given to him by Christina..."Poopy." Christina flew in from Texas to meet him. While she was here, we were spoiled with meals being fixed, assistance folding laundry, and extra loving sent in Max's direction.

To show his appreciation, our little guy "mustered" out a gift that he created all on his own. I was accused of not putting his diaper on correctly but I think he was so grateful that he huffed and puffed extra hard until the diaper gave way. Fortunately, his generous gift was enjoyed enough that Christina didn't feel the need to take it home with her. After a load of laundry, a quick mopping of the floor, a bath, and a few pictures things were back to normal.

Can't you just see the appreciation in his facial expression?

I really don't think he has anything against the University of Texas.

Notice the floor.

Max hasn't discovered the joy in bathing yet.

All swaddled and ready for more cuddling with Christina.


nymanzanita said...

Christina is such a good sport that I am sure that it didnt even phase her! How funny!

Anonymous said...

Can I say he is "toot" and sweet. I"m sure all of us can say we have been pooped on in our lives. But by nothing quite as cute as Max.. I"m sure he considered it a gift of love and bonding to Christina. I think it is remarkable that you and Christina have maintained your friendship since 5th grade when you both met in school in Ft, Worth,Texas. Love, G.R.

Brittany said...

Haha! That is Funny and SO CUTE! I hope he didn't scream the whole bath or at all. He is cute and I love his facial expressions! Luv you tonz!