Monday, April 7, 2008

Laughing Gas

Last Friday HeRoos went under the knife. Well, maybe it wasn't a BIG knife but he did earn a day of rest. His gums were receding (thankfully not his hairline) and he needed a gum graft. Our dentist who we (ok, just I) refer to as *Dr. McDreamy sent him to a periodontist for the procedure.

Max slept the entire hour as I made new friends in the waiting room and caught up on much needed magazine page turning time. After getting ideas to decorate our house, I was called into the room with HeRoos as he drowsily tried to awake from the anesthesia. We were given directions on how to care for his cut up mouth and then they gave us the bill.

No wonder they wait until the end when the patient is half drugged to present them with the bill. I also decided to take advantage of HeRoos' willingness to hand over the cash and talked to him all the way home about the "projects" I want to do in our house. He was very willing to listen and agree. I highly recommend laughing gas for your significant other if you want them to agree on important matters that they might otherwise find UNimportant.

Notice the chicken noodle soup on his chin. He had no idea it was there.

He woke up long enough to answer all the trivia questions on Ellen correctly (I didn't get one right and I wasn't on any medication but then again I'm very behind when it comes to celebrity news).

* When we were looking for an OBGYN, HeRoos gave me a list of doctors with names and numbers who took our insurance. He told me to start at the top and work my way down if needed. I discovered later why the order of the list mattered to him... the top of the list included all female doctors, then older male doctors, and then young male doctors at the very bottom of the list.

HeRoos didn't think about this strategy for dentists. He happily referred me to his dentist. Every time I go in for an appointment, I become tongue tied and feel my cheeks burning (I can assure you it's not from any laughing gas). I'm glad HeRoos is confident enough to know that Dr. McDreamy doesn't hold a candle to him.


Rookie Dad said...

Trust me, if Dr. McTeethy changes professions and becomes an OBGYN, those visits will come to an abrupt halt.

Brittany said...

He is such a good sport about everything! I hope his mouth gets better soon! You make me laugh. Dr. McDreamy. I love you tonz! Can't wait to see you again!

Tristie and Dax said...

so hilarious. your humor comes through so great in writing! i love it. way to capture the funny details!

Spackmans said...

Poor guy! It helps if you can take the strong stuff to get through- but I don't get to enjoy that stuff (it makes me very sick). Hopefully he got some good drugs and is doing better!

nymanzanita said...

I can totally imagine you in Mr. McDreamy's dental chair.....ha! I loved "rookie dad's" true!

Anonymous said...

I hope Rick heals soon. Do you know where I can get some of that laughing gas ? I want to give it to my better half so I can get him to do things for me he wouldn't normally do. Oh by the way did he come through on his promises when he was under the influence.Love, G.R.

Anonymous said...

I've spent the last 1.5 hours reading your beautiful blog. So articulate you are and always have been. Do you remember making a Barbie waterbed out of a ziploc bag, or the Barbie waterslide out of a 2x4 running down your dad's tree. So many memories I have of the Halverson's growing up in the neighborhood. Your mom's dog (or should I say devil) Taco. Camping the Hunter's. The BBQ's, snipe hunting (still not a fan), it seems like forever ago, yet I remember it like yesterday. I can remember sitting on the box on the corner when Jer told me your family was moving. I was so sad. You look amazing Jenny! Congrats on a wonderful husband (the toilet cleaning is hot) and the cutest little boy. You should email me. We should set up an neighborhood reunion BBQ this summer. And since most of us have kids (mine is 9, which she isn't so good at posing for cute pictures, but she sleeps though the night), it would be so much fun! Take care!! Big Hugs.
Heidi Shelton