Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sweet Dreams & Random Thoughts

I love seeing my kids sleeping peacefully. This sight made me especially happy. From the time our kids are just babies we try reading with them every night as part of their bedtime routine. For the longest time ZoZo had no interest in the books. She would play and walk around as if she wasn't paying any attention to us. We continued reading aloud anyway. Fast forward a few months and now this little girl loves books. She looks at them during nap time/quiet time and bedtime. It does my heart good to see that our persistence is finally paying off.

We went to the Meadow Canyons Park today for their monthly train ride and farmer's market. Some kids were selling their homemade crafts and when Mr. Boy saw the light sabers he instantly lit up and wanted one (he has never even seen Star Wars). A young boy was selling them for $2 each. We were at the park for a couple hours and by the time we left he had sold all 20 of them. His mom said that he was having a Star Wars birthday party and all the kids were getting them as party favors. What a fun idea!

Zo chose a little bracelet for $.50. My kids were so thrilled with their treasures and the kids selling them were equally excited to make a sell. Their day got even better when we ate our fresh peas (purchased for $1) and rode the train 4 times! We had a fun and inexpensive day.

Mr. Boy hanging on to his light saber long after falling asleep. Hopefully, he can scare away any bad dreams he may have.

Tonight, HeRoos and I went on a double date with my parents. They have been wanting to take HeRoos out for his birthday dinner so we were finally able to go. Out of all the delicious restaurants out there, guess what HeRoos chose... Sizzler. Seriously?! He loves the All-You-Can-Eat Shrimp. I will admit that I like the salad bar but I've never had a steak there that I've liked. We were stuffed by the time we left but decided to see a movie. We saw 17 Miracles and it was so emotional. This is the first time I have been to a movie where every single person sat through all of the credits. The theatre was full and completely silent until the lights came on. There was a lot to digest and tears needed to dry before re-entering the real world. My appreciation and respect for the early pioneers continues to grow and grow. I cannot even begin to imagine the heartache and pain they experienced. I have no doubt that they will be blessed for their faith.

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Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful time . If it's Rick's Birthday he get to choose the menu and place. I'm glad we finally got to celebrate it.