Friday, July 15, 2011


Every day, I experience these feelings:

Pure exhaustion.
No time for myself.
On the verge of a mental breakdown. ;)

Every day, I also feel this:

Sense of adventure.
Guidance from Above.
Tender, innocent arms wrapped around me.
Hope for the future.
Reason to push forward.
A personal, sacred call that only motherhood can fulfill.

I wouldn't change being a mother for anything... which is why we're adding one more to our family in January. Yep, we may be crazy but if the next one is anything like Mr. Boy and Zo, we just can't resist. They are full of mischief, giggles, intelligence, attitude, sweetness, stubbornness, determination, and the list goes on...


Vicki said...

Perfection is unachievable and you are not alone in feelng these things... and one day after they are grown, you will experience wonderful personal rejuvenation. Then you start to wish there were grandchildren to hug and look after....

The kids look so cute!

Lisa & Aukuso said...

WOW! Congrats little Hal! Cute pics and good luck in your ongoing journey of Motherhood! Much Love!!!

Just Julie said...

Congratulations!! You are the fifth person I know who is pregnant and due around that time. Your kiddos are super adorable!

Anonymous said...

No way! Congratulations!! I know exactly what you mean too, all the great and even some of the not so great. I wouldn't do it any differently if I could. :-) I can't wait to see another cute Roo!

The Andersen Family said...

Congrats! So happy for you!

Megan said...


I know what you mean about motherhood! I was talking with some friends the other day and one of them put it well: "Being a mom is a lot harder than going to work ever was... but when I was working sometimes the donut or bagel break was the best part of my day. And, now, a donut or a bagel would definitely not be the highlight of my day."

Sandy said...


Life's Great Adventures said...


Mike and Gin said...

Awww... I am a little behind on my blogging! So excited for you and Rick
:0) Bring em all to CT soon! Miss you.