Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oregon Part 4: Devils Punch Bowl State Natural Area

We went on an outing with just our little family to the Devil's Punch Bowl. Don't be fooled, the water was freezing! Mr. Boy and HeRoos developed numb legs and kept going back for more while ZoZo and I hung out at the beach.

Mr. Boy walked up all of these stairs all by himself! I think there were more stairs here than at the tallest lighthouse in Oregon. When we got to the top, some people were so impressed with MB's determination and stamina.

I need to get pictures from my brother for the next highlight of our trip. My parents, Jer & Mel went fishing while we stayed back with the sea sick crew and they caught tons of fish and crab. Mel fried up some delicious seafood and we were in heaven! Pictures to come.

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Kristanne said...

The scenery is so beautiful. I bet the kids loved the water and the beach. How fun.