Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oregon Part 3: Food for the Fish

On ZoZo's first birthday we went whale watching. Sounds fun, right? Not so much. The majority of our crew left food for the fish. Mr. Boy was green and eventually just shut right down and fell asleep in Mel's bosom. ZoZo cried and screamed loud enough to scare the whales away and then puked right down my shirt. No joke, she just kept throwing up and since she was facing me in the Baby Bjorn it had no where to go but down. HeRoos was no help- he was the greenest of all & we had some laughs at his expense. My brother's kids were sea tossed and ill too. The pictures say it all. We were a mess!


Jamie said...

Oh no!

Sandy said...

These pictures are hilarious! (not funny that everyone was sick though) heehee

Vicki said...

I remember those salad days...(and barfing). Enjoy the wonderful memories you are making. They pass so quickly.