Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Angel Babies

The other night, MB and I were reading a book and I asked him to point to the "Angel." Instead of pointing at the figure with shiny sparkly wings, he pointed to the little boy on the opposite page. How could I dispute this? These kids truly are my angels from heaven. I have an "angel boy" and an "angel girl" as I call them. Do you ever love your kids and husband so much that it almost hurts. Strange I know, but it's the good kind of hurt, kind of like sore muscles after an intense work out.

Can I just say that play dates are awesome?! It's good for the kids and good for the moms. MB has become quite the social little guy. If you remember his personality from his infant days, you may think I'm fibbing but I'm not. He loves being around other kids and he also likes playing with their toys. I'm glad I didn't stop going when he was hitting other kids (soon after ZoZo was born). I was mortified until I read an article that said it was normal and his way of trying to get attention since he can't verbalize it. The article also said that's it's important to be around parents that are understanding and accepting. Check. Check. I love the other moms in the neighborhood and have learned so much about parenting from them.

MB also goes to our church Nursery on Sunday. His Nursery Leaders are so good with the kids and they can feel the genuine love the leaders have for them. When MB gets stinky pants, which is at least once every Sunday during nursery (and it's not even 2 hours long), he is so anxious to get back to be around his friends. I love that my baby boy is happy. I guess he's not really a baby anymore- he'll be two in a couple weeks.

ZoZo continues to tickle me to the core. She is so sweet and good natured. She constantly smiles and seems so happy about life. Her curiosity and babbling is endless. The other really GREAT thing about Zo- she sleeps through the night now! When I came back from my weekend trip to San Diego, she was sleeping through the night. Her daddy "forgot" to turn on the baby monitor at night. Thanks to his forgetfulness, she learned to self sooth and I didn't have to hear her cry it out.

I am so grateful that I am a mom and wife.


Anonymous said...

SO precious and cute.(I could just lick them because I love them so much!!) Now I know why animals lick their babies! I thought it was to groom them but I'm convinced it's a sign of affection. xxoo G.G.

Megan said...

You have beautiful children! Glad to hear your comments about hitting being a stage - we're going through that now and I've had some pretty mortifying moments!

Anonymous said...

I love witnessing all the milestones as well. Your kids are so sweet!
I am so jealous about the sleeping through the night thing though. I might just have to plan myself a getaway. I do believe we have a good friend getting married at the end of the month. Maybe then... ;-)

Kristanne said...

Your kids are angels. Mine are too. Sometimes they trade their halos for horns though. I really admire how much you enjoy your kids. My first two were sort of rushed through each stage. I couldn't wait for their next milestone, and I sort of missed the every day. Not so the next two. We do have a great neighborhood. I hope you get to stay for awhile. I have really enjoyed getting to know you!

Life's Great Adventures said...

Cute pictures! I know how you feel! I thank Heavenly Father everyday for our sweet angel & wonder why I am so blessed to have such a sweet kid!
They are both growing up so fast! They really do grow like weeds!!

The Leo said...

How come you get to have two angels? Send one over here!

A Place 2 Gather said...

I love that angel boy of yours. We are so grateful for Sundays and for the blessings of enjoying angel children in our ward. Oh what joy they are to us!