Sunday, March 15, 2009

Look Who's 1!

It was a year ago that our sweet miracle baby joined our family. I love this picture. His newborn clothes are way to big for him and he doesn't quite look human.

Tired daddy and baby.

I can't believe this is the same little guy one year later.

His birthday breakfast of choice-oatmeal with mushed bananas & strawberries.

Why use a spoon, when fingers work just as well?!

At the Roos family Christmas party, Grandma had everyone guess how much money was in this jar. HeRoos and I combined our guesses and divided it by two for BM. He won the money! We decided that today was the day to take it off his shelf and deposit it in the bank.

We made it to the credit union to find out that we didn't need a birth certificate but his social security number.

We drove all the way home and arrived at 3:03 to discover it was closed (at 3:00). Eventually we found another branch and opened BM's very own savings account.

Then it was off to the library.

The librarian who opened our accounts seeped sweetness and BM was thrilled to have his own card. Look at that smile!

He loved pulling the books off the shelf and flirting with a little girl who was into her book, not BM. Why do even baby boys pursue girls who are not interested?

Then it was time to eat at the old folk joint. ;)

Happy Birthday! We love you. xoxox

Important Notice: Since our Baby M (BM) is no longer a baby, his blog name is going to be MB for M Boy. This will also clear up any misconceptions that our Baby M is a bowel movement. :)


Brittany said...

AWE! He does have McDermott Blood!! (cuz he was smiling.. haha ) He is such a cutie!! I'm so excited he is 1!!!! I love you guys!!

Jamie said...

I can't believe he is already 1 - he gets cuter every day.

Karolee said...

Happy Birthday big boy! What a fun day together. You are making me look bad though, my old kids don't even have an updated library card. I guess I know what to do now for spring break! ;)

Kristanne said...

He is such a cute boy. I watched him and his dad play the crawling game yesterday in sacrament and it just made me smile. Kids (notice I said kids, not teens) are so wonderful!!! I had to laugh at you BM. Shawn did mention once that you should get a new name. I told him it was for baby M - he said yeah but not everyone knows that. I said everyone who ready the blog does!!!

porterpies said...

I can't believe that he is one. Wow! Time flies. He is sure looking big. We need to come up and see you guys sometime.

Megan said...

Happy birthday, MB! What cute pictures!

Denise said...

Happy B-day - I can't believe our boys are 1!! He is darling, we must get together for a play date! You have been in your new house for months now... Farmington isn't too far away:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday MB.What happiness you have brought in one year.(He looks so big with his teeth now.)Great way to to celebrate with a savings account and a library card.I hope he puts the library card to good use because he'll probably will have to read to me when I'm old and gray and blind. We love him! xxoo G.R and G.B.

Melissa said...

Oh, he's so cute. Happy birthday.

Rebecca Neville said...

he he, I am lalughing because I always thought of bowel movement when I read his name! He is adorable, does he have red hair?