Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lost & Found

As I was walking to the mailbox on Wednesday, three young girls asked me if this dog was mine. My first thought was, 'No way, who would own a pit bull (I'm assuming that's the breed).' The dog looked at me, walked over and in an instant my heart turned to mush. She was the absolute sweetest thing. She didn't have any ID tags so the girls walked around the neighborhood trying to find the owner. I told them that if they couldn't find the owner, they could bring the dog to my house and I would make some phone calls.

HeRoos was working from home that day so he was in the "zone" (which means do not disturb him while he's typing) but I couldn't help myself. I turned into my thirteen year-old self and started begging him to keep the dog. My kind husband turned into someone else... a very, very strict father/husband who could not be persuaded at any cost.

The doorbell rang and the girls reported that they were unsuccessful. I called some people in the area with no luck and then called animal services. Animal services reassured us that dogs are usually claimed within 72 hours so we (the girls and I) decided the dog would be okay. As we were waiting for them to arrive, a white truck pulled up and a guy claimed the dog. He said he wasn't sure how she kept getting out. He made it just in time. I quickly called Animal Services back and told them the lost dog was found.

Will HeRoos ever give in about getting a dog? Growing up, I was able to use persuasion with my own dad to get a dog, chicken, duck, hamsters, parakeets, fish and hermit crabs. I'm afraid I've lost my gift. Maybe it will take a daughter to soften HeRoos' heart.


The Leo said...

Holy cow your pictures are beautiful. Lookin' good SheRoos! Sorry about the dog. I think persistence is the key. You've got to wear him down.

Anonymous said...

Loved your family pic!! B.M. is baby candy . Can I lick him? He is so toot!! On the dog thing. Having a dog and wanting a dog are two different things. Do you want or need one more thing that needs your attention, such as being fed, being walked, being house-broken and disciplined and having to clean up after. I love dogs also. The pic. of the lost dog was quite unique in it's appearance. I found some beauty in it also. When Max gets a little older just have him bring a dog home and see if Rick can refuse it. That's what you and your bro. did to us!!!! Love, G.R.

Mike and Gin said...

Awww...What a pretty puppy! However take it from me, I had every animal in the book and now I will not get one until we have kids. They just are so much work & money!

The Idahoans said...

What a cute dog! I have a bad weakness for wanting to take all animals in and take care of them. I even was tempted to do that with a Racoon we caught- but then I came to my senses! Give heroos some time, I am sure BM could help with that when he gets bigger :) Spencer gets tired of my fixation with wanting all these pets! The next pet I want is a goat.