Friday, November 9, 2007

Miss Itchy I

When I was in kindergarten, I was "Miss Itchy I" for the school alphabet program. Little did we know that the paint used on my body would have a hard time coming off and really make me itch! I feel like Miss Itchy I again but this time it's not going away in two days!

My body has been crawling for the past few days. I've been on the verge of going CRAZY! I wasn't sure if I was itching from the change in weather or if it was the soap I started using. Whatever it was...I wanted it to STOP.

HeRoos and I were at the OBGYN on Wednesday and my first question/complaint for Dr. Chambers was my skin condition. I described the symptoms and she said, "I hope it's not what I think it is." I proceeded to lift up my pant legs to show her the rash covering my legs and she said, "Yes, you have PUPPP (Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy). " We now know what has been causing the horrible itch all over my body. It usually occurs in the third trimester and goes away within a few days of delivering the baby.

Unfortunately, I'm only in my second trimester (20 weeks) and have 20 more weeks to go with this annoying rash. I have been taking oatmeal baths, using tubes of itch cream, and taking Benadryl. The good news is that it doesn't affect the baby. Besides the rash, I am feeling so much better. Food is mostly staying down and I feel well enough to do my share around the house. We even bought baby furniture and a stroller for Baby Roos (BR). When it arrives and is set up, we'll post pictures of it. We're getting excited for BR to join our family.


Alicia said...

I was always really itchy when pregnant, but I don't think it was the severity of your PRUPP or whatever it is. I empathize. I like Aveeno lotion myself. Good luck!

Tristie said...

What? I have never heard of such a horrible thing! You poor girl! I am so sorry, lady. What a trooper. We are so thrilled for you. I am excited to see the cute furniture you guys picked out!

Tristie said...

P.S. what an adorable picture of your mama!

monica said...

Yikes! That is one of the most annoying things to happen and to have it happen when you're pregnant is out of control. I'm so sorry. My belly was always really itchy and dry when I was pregnant. Good luck!

HeRoosSheRoos said...

Alicia-thanks for the info. on Aveeno. We bought a tub of it and I love it!!! It has oatmeal and menthol in it which soothe and relieve the itching. Between the oatmeal baths and aveeno rub-downs, my skin is softer than ever!