Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Way to Go Sam's Club

I have a shout out for Sam's Club produce. They have the absolute best fruit around. Check out the size of those grapes! I return on a weekly basis just to buy fruit.

I almost had a breakdown when I ventured into Sam's on Saturday and I couldn't see the red seedless grapes. After taking deep breaths, I looked around a little more and Boom, the stars were lined up for me. As soon as I got into my car, I started popping them into my watering mouth (I did think about the dirty hands that picked them but I decided I didn't care enough to wait).

My other favorite's are Gala and Fuji apples, only if they are crisp! If they are even slightly mushy, the entire bag goes into the trash. Apples are a little trickier to get just right since I can't take a bite out of the apple while at Sam's. I do test the grapes.

Mmmm, I just had the thought of a caramel apple. That sounds so good right now. Halloween brings out all sorts of cravings; caramel popcorn, candy corns, apple cider, candy, get the idea.


nymanzanita said...

Yummy fruit! This reminds me of my day yesterday. I was at a farmers market and bought some honey crisp apples and little chocolate tomatoes (they are like little cherry tomatoes but kind of brown looking). I was popping tomatoes in my mouth like grapes as I walked around. Yummy!

Tristie said...

i miss sams! out here in Roosevelt, we have no great conveniences like that! oh, I made carmel apples today with the kids! wish you were here to can look at my blog if you want to drool over my pictures! love ya.

nymanzanita said...

Hey is everyone back from Texas? Can we find out if you are having a prince or a princess? (I said that for Jennie because I know how much you hate "Princess"). Anyway.. I havent heard about the baby in a while and would love to be nosey and find out.

Clinton Painter said...

So, it has only been a month since I wanted to make this comment. Yes the fruit at Sam's Club is great. I have been buying the grapes and now I have my family hooked on them. Thanks for the great heads up.