Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Silly Kids

This cracked me up so I had to get a picture of it. We were watching a National Geographic show about deadly predators. Look at their faces. Mr. Boy is afraid of watching cartoons that are scary (ie. Scooby Doo) but this didn't seem to phase him. ZoZo looks very disturbed. I guess it's never to early to learn about the circle of life.

I had to post this picture because it shows their different eye color (Zo did not want her picture taken). I wonder what color eyes "Ri Guy" will have. I'm guessing blue, but that's just a guess. Zo insists on wearing piggy tails. Every day.


kristanne said...

Your kids are still as cute as ever. Post some of the new guy, I would love to see him. Hope all is well with you guys!!!

Jamie said...

Seriously, they get cuter every time I see them.