Saturday, May 21, 2011

4 Years & Still Diggin' My Man

Our anniversary was quickly approaching and HeRoos told me things were under control. He had a plan. Part of that plan was to torture me and not tell me what we were doing or when we were doing it. When he looked at our calendar, he finally decided to give me 3 days notice. He took me to Florida for 4 days. 4 heavenly days.

While our kids got spoiled by both sets of grandparents & the grandparents got to change poopy diapers & underwear, we got to do this. I'm too tired to organize the pictures so here they are in no particular order.

Played in the Gulf of Mexico.

Kayaked through Mangrove tunnels.

Stayed in Lido beach- within walking distance to the town center and the beach.

Spent $55 to make sure we didn't get sunburned (2 bottles of sunscreen, a beach umbrella, & a hat for Rick). We succeeded.

Ate the most delicious Italian food. Twice. At the same restaurant, Ristorante Enoteca. I ordered the exact same item both times-Eggplant Parmesan. Did I mention we were only there 4 days? My mouth is still watering.

Discovered some of the most amazing flour-like sand that doesn't get hot. Siesta Key beach convinced us that we need to make a return visit SOON.

Went on a 2 hour jet ski tour and experienced a pod of dolphins swimming right next to my jet ski in crystal clear water.

Swam/Walked to a small sand beach island and played for hours in the sand & water.

Ate lots of ice cream. Have you ever tried Almond Joy Ice Cream? Yum!

Spent the day at Aquatica before catching our flight home.

Decided that we still really like each other (Whew, I was worried about that one)
and that time to ourselves (without our cuties) is necessary. On occasion.


Vicki said...

I'm so happy for your both, what a wonderful getaway. Happy Anniversary! said...

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