Monday, December 6, 2010

A Texas Thanksgiving

HeRoos, Mr. Boy, ZoZo, G.G., Pops, and I headed out before the big storm hit Utah. We drove 24 hours STRAIGHT to Texas. My dad and HeRoos took turns driving. The kids did amazingly well. They seemed content watching videos, eating junk food, and sleeping in the car.

This picture makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it. Can you smell the morning breath?

We arrived in Allen, Texas to spend time with my Aunt Bette Jo and cousin April. It was so fun to hang out with them.

Growing up in Texas, we spent every Thanksgiving together so it was nice to reunited again. My aunt cooked up a Thanksgiving meal that was divine and her apple pie was just as delicious as I remember. My aunt & I were craaazy and hit a couple Black Friday sales at 4 am. What were we thinking?!

Mr. Boy & ZoZo had a blast with their cousins and all the fun toys at my aunt's house.

My dad & his sister.

Since HeRoos is so difficult to buy gifts for, I got him an early Christmas present- a 4th row ticket to his favorite team. He enjoyed himself at the game. I'm not sure if he enjoyed this view more...

or this one.

Mr. Boy was exhausted from all of the fun. He fell asleep in HeRoos' lap as he was eating.

We also visited some of my friends who I've known since 5th grade. I'm so disappointed that I forgot my camera. It was fun seeing Christina & Leslie and their families. It's amazing we've remained such good friends for all these years.

I think the trip was definitely worth it. Easy for me to say, I didn't drive!


Jamie said...

What a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving - and very glad you made it out before the storm that wasn't...

Lisa & Aukuso said...

so for some reason I didn't know you were from Texas, but it doesn't surprise me. What an ordeal taking 2 small humans that far in a car! Good for You!

Vicki said...

Kids can be very resilent travellers, thinking back to my own family travels across the country when I was a kid. I remember sitting by my Dad as he drove the wee hours with Wolfman Jack or some other late night radio program on a strong signal as our only company, everyone else fast asleep curled up in the back of a big Chrysler station wagon.