Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Friday night HeRoos' sister graciously offered to watch our kids while we headed to Lindon, UT for a party. The Bretschneider's hosted the Scallywag Soiree at their beautiful home. It was quite the event. People went all out in their costumes and the house was full of decoration & the atmosphere was amazing. The pictures don't do it justice. (Someday, I am going to take photography lessons so you can actually see some quality shots. For now, just use your imagination).

This was the sunset as we were dropping off the kids at their Aunt Kim's house.

The theme of the party was pirates. People were asked to bring food to donate that will be delivered to a food bank. Service & fun are a great combination, if you ask me. Come on, go ahead, ask me. jk

Part of the fun was taking a tour of their home. ZoZo & Max would be in heaven in this playroom.

There was even a mermaid...for real. ;)

We celebrated Halloween the next day with the traditional trick-or-treating. It was pouring rain. Can you figure out what Mr. Boy is dressed up as?

If you guessed: A stubborn 2 year old, or himself...you are correct! I decided that Halloween is about HIM, not me so I didn't force the costume issue. If he wants to be superman next year, he has a cape awaiting him. If not, I will still love his little boy guts.

He was so happy to get candy. His favorite selection was suckers. He passed up a full size candy bar for a sucker. He definitley doesn't take after his mom. When he got home he went through his candy and followed this routine 10 times: unwrap sucker, lick once, throw away, unwrap sucker, lick once, throw away...

Zo was more than happy to show off her Superbaby/Wonderwoman costume. She was quite fond of the suckers too. Don't worry, we took an extra long time brushing our teeth that night.

Some scary witch & her husband came by to visit us. The kids weren't sure what to think of G.G.'s new look.

I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween!


Sandy said...

Wow that was quite the event! How fun! P.S. Your new family pics are absolutely gorgeous!

Jamie said...

What an AWESOME way to celebrate Halloween.

Went to Gardner Village this year with my niece/nephew - but missed witches night with you.

Kristanne said...

Wow that is some party. The sunset was beautiful. You captured it wonderfully. The kids are as cute as always.

Vicki said...

We live in a rural mountain area so I only had three groups of kids show up. What to do with all that candy left? An extra pound or two was earned.

Russian women said...

Excellent photos. I wish love and success.