Wednesday, June 23, 2010

McDermott Reunion 2010

Over Father's Day Weekend we headed to Willow Flat for the McDermott Reunion. A lot of family were able to make it and we had a good time chatting and creating new memories. Get ready for tons of pictures...

Campfire talk and warming up buns.

My cousin Destiny & Addilyn

My cute cousins. They are trouble!

I love this picture. It's so tender. MB & HeRoos engrossed in painting.

MB loved the river. We had to keep him close by. He seemed so happy to be outdoors and we let him get as dirty as he wanted.

My cousins Breanna & Reagan painted ZoZo's toes.

My brother Jeramie.

Tall Cousin Shelby on a nature walk with the littles: Grey, Addi, Jack, Preslie, MB

ZoZo's painted piggies.

Pop's big piggy went to the market and almost didn't come home. Ouch!

Cousin Dax, Aunt Nadine, GG

Aunt Marilyn & Cousin Jill

Jer, Grey, Addi

The Roos Gang

The Roos' after a sleepless night. Isn't my aunt's VW van awesome!


nymanzanita said...

I love family reunions! I havent been to one in years. I think that it is kind of a thing of the past with my family....kind of sad! Anyway...looks like fun and great memories. Camping is always fun!

Jamie said...

How fun!

The Leo said...

Love zo-zo's toenails! Which color did she use? There are few things better than chillin' with the fam. Thanks for the pics.

Grandma Beaner said...

Families that play together, stay together. We sure had a blast. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing!

Kristanne said...

I too love family reunions. We had one over Father's day as well with all of my family. IT is so fun to relax and visit and let the kids play and not worry about how dirty they are getting, though I must admit a shower when we get home is such a treat! I've often seen the railroad place in Farmington, but didn't know they gave rides and such. Our friends only live about 2 blocks away.

Nikki said...

I don't think we've had a family reunion since 1988! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun