Monday, May 3, 2010


MB has become a helpful little guy. When ZoZo cries, he leaves the room and comes back with her pink waffle blanket. He likes feeding her much more than she likes being fed by him (ZoZo is a girl underneath the boy bib and green clothes).


Jamie said...

What a good big brother.

Anonymous said...

Let Me tell you the pictures are funnier than a cartoon ! No words were necessary!They are one step closer to being self sufficient! M.B. will be baby-sitting Zo Zo before you know it. Thanks for the giggles!! xxoo G.G.

Kristanne said...

Love the pictures. Such good memories. I remember teaching my cousin to walk, the hard way. It is so funny how kids think they are being so helpful, when sometimes thet just aren't. But you have to love the intent.