Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ABC's of Gratitude

I got this idea from a friend's blog.

I'm grateful for:

Almonds, I like snacking on them.
Cheeks to kiss on (ZoZo's & Mr. Boy's)
Diamonds. Let me be a little shallow please.
Exercise. Yes I know, I need to be better at it.
Friends, I've been blessed with the greatest friends ever!
Good health.
Hot hubby who I adore.
Inspiring conversations.
Jesus Christ, My Lord & Savior.
Letters that are from the heart.
Memories that make me smile.
Nature. I feel alive when I'm outdoors.
Old people, like my parents (I'm just checking to see if they read this) :)
Quiet, peaceful moments.
Rhymes, I'm learning nursery rhymes again thanks to my little kiddos.
Surprises (good ones of course).
Thoughtful people.
Utah, it really is a great place to live.
Vacations. I need one (preferably tropical)!
Water- for it's many uses (swim in, shower in, drink, etc.)
X the place next to where I signed for our home.
Yoga pants. Is there anything more comfortable?
Zzzzz's, I love sleep, what can I say?!


Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for people that love old people. We're really not that old. And yes we read your blog even if it is with bi-focals
xxoo G>R..

Kristanne said...

Being thankful makes life so much better. To bad we don't all do it more often. I would add having an adorable family to your list. I am grateful I have gotten the chance to get to know you a little better!!

Gramma R said...

I noticed that you said only 1 set of parents are old. I think we are older than the others. And that green drink!!! It looked like he liked it. I have never eaten spinach in my whole life. Maybe that is why I am not very strong.

The Leo said...

I'm all for diamonds--I guess I should stop holding my breath, huh? :)

Jodi said...

Hey there! I'm making my blog private! If you'd like to keep reading you can email me your email address and then I can invite you! My email is dansjoah@yahoo.com Thanks!