Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mini Van Club

After our trip to Yellowstone National Park, we have decided it's time to join the Club...the mini van club. I never thought I would own a mini van, especially with only two kids. I'm dreading a car payment but after looking at these pictures, you may see why I don't want to go on another road trip until we own one.

MB got a forward facing car seat just in time for the trip. It looks like he's about to be swallowed up by "things."

The trunk was stuffed full of camping supplies we didn't end up using thanks to Holiday Inn.

Books, toys, and Kids Sing Along Songs can only entertain for so long. It's time that we accept that we're living in the 21st century and get with it. A DVD player will provide a much needed distraction.

And last but not least, MB may appreciate being changed in private, away from hungry birds. :)

HeRoos is on his way to the dealership now (after hours) to scope things out. We DISLIKE dealing with salesman and don't want to feel any pressure. Wish us luck and if you see me starting to wear "Mom Jeans," speak up and save me before it's too late!


Karolee said...

Oh it's not so bad! I love mine and the automatic doors...and the dvd player...and that it's not so tall that the kids can't get in and out by themselves. You get the picture! :-) Happy shopping!

jodi peterson said...

I promise it is not that bad. The automatic doors, DVD are a lifesaver!! And the exta storage space...ahhh. Just a suggestion look on eBay motors at minivans, get a better feel for what you like. THEN go to the dealership. Just do a test drive there and then look in the ads in the paper. We bought our van off of eBay and we LOVE it!

Life's Great Adventures said...

I loved the mom jeans video! It seems like when I go out of town I have so much to buy that I end up having a jam packed vehicle and have no where to feed our little one or change her, so I can totally relate to your pictures:) I never though I would buy a DVD player for our kids but have decided we will eventually get one, who can survive without one:)